Free book: Falling Girl

FG cover 24mar14

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Falling Girl – part 1  (Prologue & Chapter 1)

Falling Girl – part 2  (Chapters 2 & 3)

Falling Girl – part 3  (Chapters 4 & 5)

Falling Girl – part 4  (Chapters 6 & 7)

Falling Girl – part 5  (Chapters 8 & 9)

Falling Girl – part 6  (Chapters 10 & 11)

Falling Girl – part 7  (Chapter 12 & Author’s Note)

“This castle is haunted. It really is. There are ghosts in the walls and towers, the passages and the dark rooms, the secret places away from the warmth and sunshine, where it’s cold and clammy and … lonely.”

When eleven-year-old Ellie Black runs into Pentrillis Castle, she’s desperate to escape her depressing family life. Her parents have split up, Dad is Mr Angry, and her new step-brother is obnoxious beyond belief.

At first, it’s much better inside the castle. The sun shines (even when it’s still raining outside), there’s fabulous chocolate cake, and she meets a friendly story-teller and two cool new friends. (There’s also a scary bit in the chapel, but she was probably just imagining things, right?)

But the story-teller has a dark and unsettling tale to tell, of tragedy and a menacing ghost in the shadows.

And there’s some very odd things about those new friends.

And where did that awful scream come from?

But the worst part is when Ellie realises that there’s nowhere to hide from the ghost of Pentrillis Castle …



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