Short fiction

A couple’s dream home turns into a nightmare in The House Hunter.

What happens when someone is told she’s no longer wanted by her boss – when he happens also to be her husband? Find out in One Month’s Notice

Set in a grim housing estate, Paradise House is a story of loneliness, abuse and an unexpected act of kindness.

Boy meets girl in a thunderstorm: A Dramatic Way to Clear the Air

Two stressed housemates, a pile of post-it notes and a cat called Howard. It can only end in tears … A Polite Reminder

2014 is the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War in Europe. That terrible conflict delivered heartache and tragedy on an unimaginable scale. This flash fiction piece imagines one scene from those dark years: The Last Letter

Here’s a creepy bit of flash fiction with a sting in its tail: The Quarry

Want to know what happened to Snow White after she married her handsome prince? Sure you do. Well it’s your lucky day: And they both lived …

I’m a sucker for Christmas, although you may not necessarily guess that from reading this story: All I Want for Christmas

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