Spooky houses …


Just had to share this, especially given the date today … I mean, could these buildings possibly look any more sinister? If they’re not haunted, they should be …


    • Yes – and there are certainly some sad and/or disturbing stories attached to many of these particular houses. What surprises me is that they’ve been left just derelict for so long, rather than being either renovated or demolished (though a couple have recently been demolished, finally).

      • I wonder why the preoccupation with haunted houses? People die in all sorts of places, so if ghosts walk, surely they must do it elsewhere, too. But how often do you hear of a haunting that’s not at a house? Offhand, I can think of only one non-house haunting, and I think I’ve read only one novel in which the ghost haunted people instead of the place of death.

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