And the weirdest comment award goes to …


I’m always delighted to get comments on my blog, and grateful to everyone who takes the time and trouble to make them. Recently however I’ve had a few slightly … strange ones.

Take this one I got last week, a comment on my post, Is Amazon actually evil?:

There are certain factors that needed to be considered while choosing a wig. Wash with specially-formulated wig shampoo and conditioner. These are available in different shades and colors which can perfectly complement with the natural look of your hair.

Now maybe I’m being a tad pedantic, but that doesn’t seem to have an enormous amount to do with the subject of my post. Granted Jeff Bezos is somewhat hirsutely challenged, but even his sternest critics are surely too polite to bring that up, and too sane to seek to connect it with his business practices.

I haven’t clicked on the link accompanying the above comment, but I’ve little doubt that it’s connected to someone in the wig business – a laudable profession I’m sure – and it’s part of some kind of marketing strategy. Well there’s nothing wrong with trying to make a living I suppose. I’m just not convinced I like them using my blog to do so, or that it will do them much good anyway.



    • Yes, spam is a curse of the digital age. But a couple of weird comments haven’t been obviously selling anything. Take this one:

      ‘whoah this blog is excellent i like studying your posts. Stay up the good work! You realize, many individuals are searching round for this info, you could help them greatly.’

      That was in response to the sample of BASIC Boy. When I started reading the comment I thought they were going to say something nice about the book, but it’s clearly a generic comment which has nothing to do with the content of my post. English is clearly not the author’s first language – which you can’t hold against them obviously – but it just doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of positive but in a suspiciously vague way. I can only assume I’m meant to visit the author in return and – well, then what? Well I don’t intend to find out.

      • I get plenty of these as well. Usually positive words but incorrectly (often comically so) used. Strange stuff, this spam.

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